The company was established since 2002 by a group of people whom have dedicated and strong technical back ground in vacuum, gas and cryogenic industry.

The main activities are generally dealing with all kind of supply and fabrication of the industrial gases and cryogenic application including pressure vessel system. The team in the organization is well trained and very knowledgeable in most mechanical work activities which involve varies type of material such as stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum & etc.

We have great knowledge and experiences with national and multinational companies such as Petronas group, MINT, TNB, SIRIM, Air Products, TWA, MISC, HOYER GMBH, TML, MASER, MASSER GMBH, DOWEL SCLUMBERGER , CRYOVAT INT. BV, AIR PRODUCTS, MOX- LINDE, BIG, SIBU OXYGEN, PIASAU GAS & etc in providing various mechanical work according to international standard such as AD-Merkblatter, DIN, ASME, BS, API & etc.

With all the background and experience that we have, it will certainly will serve your company to grow Safely, Professionally and Cost Effective.

We provide new products and as well as recond products.
We provide a wide range of cryogenic tank services.
Feel free to contact us for more information and enquiries.
Welcome to, the newly launched website of our company. Here, you can find a lot of information regarding cryogenic's tank and equipment.
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