Servicing, maintaining and refurbishing of cryogenic tanks, systems and gases pressure vessel including certification by JKKP/DOSH.
Provide service for tank washing and painting at any location including logo painting & etc.
Helium leak detection down to 10 x exp –10 cc/sec for pressure vessel and vacuum systems.
Vacuuming services below 10 micron Meter for vacuum tanks and any vacuum systems.
Quality assurance and quality control consultant in manufacturing of pressure vessel including steam boilers, FRP tanks, pipeline and etc. as per international code such as BS,DIN,ASME, API & etc.
Supply, Install and testing the industrial gases and cryogenic systems including consultancy services ( LIN, LOX,LAR, H2 and etc).
Fabrication and installation of steel structural works.
Trading house for equipment and mechanical parts for gases and cryogenic service such as valves, PSV, gauges & etc.
Supply machining parts and fittings e.g Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum & etc as per international gases standard and codes.
Providing calibration service with certificate for all mechanical instruments such as pressure safety valve, pressure gauge & etc.
Performing purging job (LP & HP), Gases & Cryogenic piping installation, cryogenic piping rectification & etc.
Provide high pressure water jet cleaning services for IMO's tanks, boiler, heat exchanger & etc.
Supply gas & cryogenic products such as LIN, LAR LOX & LCO2.
Provide tanks storage facility and security.
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