Product Description : Neway Ball Valves, Globe Valve, Gate Valves and Check Valves
Product Specification : Floating Type, Trunnion Mounted Type, Special Services, Cast Steel, Forge Steel and Stainless Steel
Size : From 1/2" to 12"
Product Description : Gasous and Cryogenic Valves, Strainer, Check Valve and Pressure Safety Valves
Product Specification :
  • Design Pressure: 50 Bar
  • Design Temperature: -196deg.C
  • Stainless Steel and bronze with extended stem PTFE seat material
  • Application: LIN, LAR, LOX,LCO2
Size : DN 6 till DN 50
Product Description : Pressure Regulator for Water, Gaseous, Cryogenic and Air
Product Specification :
  • Bronze Body, Buna N Nylon Reinforced Diaphragm, Stainless Steel Seat, Stainer scree Monel
  • Inlet Pressure: 400 psi
  • Adjustng Range: 0- 300 psi
Size : 1/2" to 2"
Product Description : Cryogenic Dewar / Storage Container
Product Specification :
  • Various Cryo Diffusion products range
  • Design Temperature: -196deg.C
  • Evaporation rate: < 0.27
  • Acessories: Canister, Vials, Straws, Roller Base, Phase Seperator
Size : 12 Liters till 165 Liters
Product Description : Gaseous Detector (CrawCon & Others)
Product Specification : Flammable, Oxygen and Toxic Gasous, Rechargeable Version, 95 dBA Audible Alarm, Dual Color with Alarm & LED, Vibration Feature, IP 65 & IP 67 Ingress Protection
Size : Portable & Fix Type
Product Description : Cylinders gas cylinder regulator, Line gas cylinder regulator, Autochange gas cylinder, Panel gas regulator
Product Specification :
  • Stainless Steel / Brass Chrome Material
  • Inlet Pressure: 400 bar
  • Outlet Pressure: 0- 100 Bar
  • Various application from low end industry to high end
  • c/w gauges
Size : 1/4" till 3/4"
Product Description : Cryogenic Liquid Cylinder Valve, Thermal Relief Valve
Product Specification :
  • CGA connection, brass material with PTFE seat, Cleaned for oxygen service, Zero External leakage
  • Brass material, Comply with OSHA sound level, Exceed industrial & regulatory flow requirement
  • Pressure: 22 till 500 psi
Size : 1/2", 1/4"
Product Description : Prime Measurement Products for Gaseous and Cryogenic
Product Specification :
  • Mechanical DPU's Base Instrument and Electronics Instruments and Systems
  • Various application and measurement range (Please contact us for details)
  • With digital / analog output signal
Size : up to 6" dial gauge
Product Description : Cylinders Gaseous Pressure Control Manifold and Bulk Geseous Pressure Control Manifold
Product Specification :
  • Stainless Steel or Cooper
  • c/w Pigtail, Pressure Regulator
  • Check valves, Bleed Valve, Pressure Gauges
  • Support an clamps
  • Site installation is provided
Size : Various depending on consumption and pressure (Please contact us for details)
Product Description : SIVL rigid and flexible cryogenic distribution system
Product Specification :
  • Stainless Steel with superinsulated and guaranteed vacuum down to <1 micron
  • Used mainly for liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon & etc
  • IVL comes in range of diameter to suit your flow requirement. It is a saving to minimize the heat lost while transfering cryogenic products to the tools via the SIVL
Size : Various depending on consumption and pressure (Please contact us for details)
Product Description : Ambient Vaporizers for Cryogenic appllication
Product Specification :
  • Designed for Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide application
  • High capacity variable finned aluminum heat transfer elements feature 4 fin/12 fin extrusions which measure 8" from tip to tip
  • Provide high capacity performance fast defrosing and ice management
Size : Size varies by flow capacity (Please contact us for details)
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